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Your Digital Kids

For College Kids and Their Parents

Whoever said, “parenting is done when the kids head off to college” obviously never lived with college-aged kids. They call to give you the gory details of their latest breakdown/calamity/bad day… whatever. You’ll spend a week fretting about it and they’ll forget it ever happened.

Last year my book, The Parents’ Guide to College Life (shameful plug), talked about the gestalt of being a college parent (from allowances to where to store their things every summer). This year I looked at technology on campus in a series of posts on my site at Yahoo! Reading through them should give you a good picture of high tech campus life.

You can read about Gear for the College Freshman: After paying for textbooks for the next four years, the biggest expense your students will have in college (other than tuition and board) is electronics. The average freshman family spends nearly $1,000 when they head back to school. Here are some reasonably priced, but excellent gear and gadgets.

Favorite Time Wasters: And since campus life is not all work, work, work here’s some gear to let loose for a bit.

My colleague, Ben Patterson, looked at the top texting cellphones for the college set.

The college campus today is certainly different from the one I went to with its mainframe computer and punchcards. Here’s a glimpse of just how lazy you can get on today’s wired campuses.

And a look at how today’s professors feel about lecturing a group of typists pounding away while they’re speaking. The classroom has been invaded by technology and professors have mixed reactions.

And a look at what schools are doing to combat high tech cheating.

Finally, here’s a look at some web-based reference sites that students will find handy.