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Your Digital Kids

Raising Kids in a Digital World

Raising Digital Kids PresentationMany of you have asked me to post a recent copy of my presentation for parents. Here you go. The first part of the presentation sets the stage for why the Internet is causing such a rift between parents and kids. The next part looks at the economics of the Internet, which explains a lot of why kids are innocent collateral in the war for web traffic. Third, it takes a look at the stuff kids do every day — games, contests, chain mail, and how those can appear to be deceptively safe. Next, it’s on to kids communicating with kids for a look at IM, social networking, and phone messaging. Finally, we look at cyberbullying. There’s a lot in this presentation and you may wind up with a huge headache if you try to consume it at once. Take it bit by bit and remember to pay closest attention to Robin’s five Internet rules.

Click here to download the presentation.