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Archive for February, 2009

Live From the WiredSafety Summit

Parry Aftab is the Pied Piper (Piperess?) of kids’ Internet safety. Long before it was fashionable to invite kids to join in the conversation regarding best practices and safety on the Internet, Parry was not only listening to kids, but she was teaching them to become safe Internet leaders who would influence other kids. Yesterday, […]

Toy Fair 2009, Part II: Digital Bargains

Many parents are just about ready to give their kids two cans and some string and send them out to play. The days of $300 robots and $100 learning systems are fading fast. At Toy Fair this year, there was a nod towards austerity. But, while lower in costs, the toys did not suffer a […]

It’s DTV Anarchy Out There

Last month I predicted that the government, in the true spirit of “why do today what you can put off until tomorrow” would vote to postpone the national transition to a digital TV signal, “DTV transition,” until June. They agreed to delay because millions of consumers weren’t ready (physically or mentally) to make the switch. […]

Next Generation Internet Safety Products

The first generation of Internet safety products to help parents protect their kids from the dangers of cyberspace were all about saying “no.” This next generation is all about negotiation and conversation. And that’s a good thing, since what most kids need is education about the Internet and not a lockdown.

What I Saw at Toy Fair ’09, Part I

The sobering news is that most of the new toys showcased at this year’s Toy Fair, which is just wrapping up at the Javits Center in NYC, are decidedly less expensive than the $200 robots and motorized electronic toys that we saw at last year’s show. Toys that retail for under $60 seem to be […]

Enough With the Princesses and Fairies: Disney Shows Boys Some Love

There are 18 million boys playing online but you wouldn’t know it based on the entertainment offered by the big toy companies. Disney hopes to show boys some love by launching a website and cable TV channel that’s a departure from its more recent online worlds which have been populated by fairies and princesses.

TLC for Senior Geeks-in-Training

Those of a certain generation, for whom color TV and hi-fi stereo were mindblowing inventions, may find using a computer a bit overwhelming. But, older folks are online in increasing numbers and they need (and deserve) a kinder, gentler PC awakening. Some support person telling them to RTFM (Read the F**l$# Manual) or blaming their […]

Facebook Is Getting Wrinkles

I joined Facebook in 2005. My friends were my son and my daughter. My son quickly removed me from his list. That left my daughter. Fast forward to 2009 when I’ve got 647 friends. I get about five new friend requests a day. For the most part these are people I know—the sum total of […]