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Archive for March, 2009

Spinning a Bad Reputation

Now that you can track what people say about you (your family, your employees, your product, your town…whatever it is that you hold dear), what can you do about it? Managing your reputation is a much thornier issue than tracking it.

What’s a Good Reputation Worth to You?

In cyberspace, whether you’ve been a saint, sinner, or some combination of the two, your reputation sticks. Forever. Long after the real world has moved past its obsession with your high school foibles, tawdry affairs, or crooked deals, the Internet elephant never forgets. I’ve lived it. A few years back I made a dumb business […]

Should Learning Be Rewarded With “Stuff”?

There’s something really creepy about paying your kids to learn…or is there? The New York Times recently ran an interesting piece on whether or not kids learn better when they’re given material incentives. Historically, educators have frowned on rewards. They want very much to believe that education, the pursuit of knowledge, is reward enough.

Demo 09: Can Products Really Help Get Work Done?

It’s the age old debate. Products help you become more productive, until they don’t. Healthy skepticism is required when you’re looking at products that claim to make it “quicker, better, faster.” Often, many hours into your investment in a new solution, you come to the one thing the product can’t do that you definitely need […]

Reset Year: Demo ’09

If you want to see which way the high tech winds are blowing, you need to be at DEMO, a conference that identifies new entrepreneurial ventures. It’s held every year in March. But, this year, it’s not just the products that are bellwethers–it’s the entire scene. This year, there are half as many products being […]