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Cell-R-Derm: For the Addict in Your Family


In my last post, we looked at Intel’s study on mobile etiquette. Now we can see what one company with a wicked sense of  humor is doing about it.

At last, perfect gift for obnoxious cellphone abusers. It’s called Cell-R-Derm.  Modelled on the transdermal patches you’d use to stop smoking, these patches (once you get the joke) will make you rethink your cellphone habits. Designed to cure the viral C-Cellutosis, the gift recipient gets a box of translucent patches to be applied somewhere around the neck area. Promising to “patch up your life” and get rid of your “cellular hangups,” the kit will either bring a laugh or a sharp object into the hands of  the loved one in question.

Cell-R-Derm folks went undercover to assess the disease.  You can view their research in THE BATHROOM and in THE BEDROOM. The gift box includes 13 semi-transparent patches and a lot of comic explanations. It’s the joke gift that packs a message. cellrderm2