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CES 2010: Which Will Be the Last Gadget Standing?


The Last Gadget Standing was the very first event that I produced for CES. That was nine years ago. The premise of the contest hasn’t changed. At CES you’ll see hundreds of new product introductions. But, by the time the year’s out, a healthy chunk of them are never to be heard from again.

Last Gadget Standing was created because “the people” can spot the winner in the crowd of new products. Unlike journalists, consumers are not likely to be swayed by a gadget without a reason, or by bells and whistles that you’d use once in a lifetime.

Past winners of Last Gadget Standing include a host of notables, from GM’s OnStar to iRobot’s Roomba, to the Eye-Fi card. This year, we’ve got products representing all of the major CES trends. There are smartphones that are so smart they deserve a PhD, 3D technologies on notebooks and TVs, and sports/fitness gadgets that marry the backcountry, geocaching, and even music to exercise by. You’ll see new products that extend the traditional Wi-Fi coverage and products that give sight to those with deteriorating vision.

Will the winner be keyless access to your home, a personalized entertainment experience, or one of the new ebook readers?

It’s up to you. To get familiar with the contests, check out Robin Raskin’s walk down memory lane. Or entertain yourself with last year’s video-d session. You can meet our judges and just maybe, if you’re reading this far, then you might have The Last Gadget Standing.

Last Gadget Standing has been ranked the most popular SuperSession of CES and that’s because you have the vote, whether you’re watching online or with us in real time. The event takes place on Saturday, January 9, 2010, at the LVCC, Ballrooms N257 and 258.