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Native Union Melds Ultra-cool and Retro Into iPhone Handsets

Moshi Moshi headsets are the brainstorm of three design-conscious expats in Hong Kong who hated spending long periods of time on their cellphones. “When you’re in your office,” said John Brunner, managing director, “there’s no reason to hold the cellphone to your ear or wear earphones.”  In addition to style and comfort, Brunner says that using the headset can also eliminate the exposure to potentially harmful radiation from your phone.

The handsets come in a few varieties and they’re all designed by Michael Young, a designer with a distinctly Zen sensibility. If you like what you see at Muji or MOMA you’ll love this.Moshi Moshi

The entry model looks very retro and has a great weighted feel to it. You plug it into the speaker jack on any smartphone. I used the MM02 with Skype and an iTouch to make phone calls all day. The benefit was that I could use other apps while talking… a big benefit for those of you who have ever tried looking up a number while you’re speaking into the phone.

The MM03 Curve is a familiar-looking arched handset with Bluetooth support and the MM04 is the top of the line. Its sleek silver design can be turned horizontally and used as a docking station/speakers or held in your hand for speaking. With Bluetooth, Brunner says, he’s seen people place their iPhone near a window for good reception but sit at their desks and speak on their handsets.moshoio4

Reasons to like Moshi Moshi:

  • It means Talk Talk in Japanese;
  • It lets you keep your touch screen away from your face (and face lotions and sunscreens); and
  • It protects you from the mobile phone’s radiation.

Of course, it’ll set you back anywhere from $79 to $199 depending on which model you choose, and your friends may chuckle when they see you using a handset, but let ‘em laugh. Handsets are enjoying a bit of a renaissance.