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CES on the Hill

Every year I get to witness a different sort of CES event. Different than the usual Vegas cacaphony*. (*of which I am a willing partner and participant)

Held in Washington, DC, the Digital Patriots Dinner brings technologists and policy makers together to trumpet the successes of innovation.  CEA  President and CEO, Gary Shapiro, made it a point to highlight the recent policy decisions that would encourage free trade.  Trade Ambassador Ron Kirk, the former mayor of Dallas,  stressed the Obama Administration’s commitment to fighting international piracy, adding trade agreements with some of the more  reticent countries, and removing many of the obstacles in the way of new businesses.

The Patriots honored were Congressman Mike Doyle (D- Pennsylvania), who’s work with his Pittsburgh constituents has helped it achieve a new status as one of the high tech heartlands. On the other side of the house,Congressman Fred Upton, (R-Michigan) was applauded for his work with the DTV transition and with the Subcommittee on Communications, Technology and the Internet.

Finally, Vince Cerf, often called the Father of the Internet for his vision of a connected web of computers, received the award . Today he is Google’s chief evangaleist.  His speech was touching and humble as he reiterated the Internet mantra of connecting, commuicating and sharing ideas freely.

Prior to the dinner policy makers and legislators (and a lot of young super-connected lobbyists and young aides) were invited to Washington’s Eastern Market for a tast of technology.  Robert Anthony reports on the products that were showcased which included new 3D Tvs, recylable phones,  Goggle’s digital “closed captioning” service and more: