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Agetek : The Quiet Digital Revolution Gets Noisier

One November morning in 2009, Peter Radsliff, the President and CEO of Presto, a PC-less based system for easy delivery of email as a printed sheet of paper, was on a call with his colleagues from other companies when he mused about “why business had to be so hard”.

The sentiment turns out to have been shared by a number of companies on the call. Six months later, Radsliff is now the Board Chairman of Agetek Alliance, an alliance designed to promote an awareness of the products and services aimed at an aging population as well as to pump up the public profile of its members.  Other  Agetek members include ClearSounds,a maker of devices for assistive hearing, Jitterbug , a cell phone and service plan aimed at older users,  and  First Street an online and offline catalog of boomer products. For the full list of members of for information about joingin visit the Agetek website.

Is there a place for an organization like Agetek?  You tell me.  Every hour 330 Americans reach the age of 60.  That’s almost 8000 a day or roughly 2.9 million a year rushing headlong towards towards  Agetek’s demographic.

*Disclosure: The Agetek Alliance held its first meeting at an event that my company produces at CES called the Silvers Summit.