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Your Digital Kids

For Mother’s Inner Geek

It’s quite the year for moms! Especially the techie moms. According to the National Retail Federation, plans call for spending on average $126 per mom (up $3 from last year).  They project $908 million will be spent on consmer electronics for Mom.

Sign of mom’s importance to the tech scene are everywhere.  This year, you’ll see Hallmark going mobile for those of you too busy to send a card from your PC. Or you can choose to have Hallmark pick one and send it for you.

But that’s just the icing on the Mother’s Day cake. Here are a few other ideas:

 Acer at Wal-Mart

Acer Aspire at a WalMart near you

Acer Aspire at a WalMart near you

One of the best deals of the season is this violet-colored (they call it amythest) Aspire One netbook. I’ve been using mine for a few weeks and have been pleased with the weight, the  battery life, and most of all the price ($286). Your mom will thank you. Her shoulders will thank her.

Fit Moms

Whether mom’s a gym rat or an armchair athlete, she’ll get lots of use out of Fitbit. For $99 Fitbit monitors your exercise and calories burned, as well as your sleep patterns, using either its base station to transmit wirelessly or by attaching it to your PC.  Clip it onto your clothes and forget about it until you’re ready to analyze your bodily data.

The Kodak Slice: Built for Sharing

The Kodak Slice: Built for Sharing


Photo Sharing At CES 2010, Kodak made it abundantly clear that moms were the Chief Memory Officers with a series of videos capturing mom-fluencers on camera. The new Kodak Slice is not inexpensive ($349), but it’s an amazing compilation of features like 14-megapixel resolution and style. You snap your photo and immediately tag it to share on your favorite social networks. The LCD’s touchscreen interface lets you adjust your picture settings. It’ll also let you tag a face in your photo and then recognize that person evermore.

Personalized Flip Slide

Personalized Flip Slide

For pocket documentarians, it’s the Flip SlideHD. Not only does it shoot up to four hours of HD video, it makes it more fun than ever. You can order a variety of different cases or have your own personal photo on your Flip. A big red record button, a 3-inch screen, and the ability to play video on your HD-TV (with an HDMI Flip cable) make this the best Flip yet ($279).

Bluetooth Bracelets

If mom is on the cutting edge, you’ll want to present her with Atomic9’s Bluetooth Wristband Speakerphone. Seriously answer calls by talking to your wrist. Or just tell it who you want to call. You’re unlikely to lose it because it’s strapped on, but if you do, no problem. It vibrates when you’re 30 feet away from it.