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Agetek : The Quiet Digital Revolution Gets Noisier

One November morning in 2009, Peter Radsliff, the President and CEO of Presto, a PC-less based system for easy delivery of email as a printed sheet of paper, was on a call with his colleagues from other companies when he mused about “why business had to be so hard”. The sentiment turns out to have […]

The Soul of the New Machines: Apple, Google, and Blackberry RIM

Like many of you, I’m struggling with my next smartphone move (one look at my phone would have you roaring with laughter about my indecision).  After dissecting feature by feature, I go into a phone feature haze.  So, instead, I decided to “grok” the souls of each machine. From my perch I see Blackberry’s interest […]

Why Google Needs a Student Version

Google needs to have a student version of its popular search software.  It’s not because of pornography. It’s not because of meeting weirdos online.  It’s simply a matter of being able to concentrate on things that kids need to concentrate on without any distractions. The classic example is Ethan Allen.  Enter the term into Search and […]

CES 2010: Which Will Be the Last Gadget Standing?

The Last Gadget Standing was the very first event that I produced for CES. That was nine years ago. The premise of the contest hasn’t changed. At CES you’ll see hundreds of new product introductions. But, by the time the year’s out, a healthy chunk of them are never to be heard from again. Last […]

Raskin Joins AIPatHome Advisory Team

AIP stands for Aging in Place, and as boomers age, or find themselves with aging parents, you’re going to hear more about how to use technology to allow folks to live in their own homes longer. Whether it’s a televisit for the doctors or a motion ssensor that detects a fall, there are many roads to […]

Intel Offers New Technology to Assist With a Variety of Reading-Based Problems

Intel’s Reader is a book reader of a completely different kind. It’s designed for those who have trouble reading the printed word. It doesn’t matter whether the reading problem comes from low vision or a learning issue, the Reader handles both. While it’s a far cry from pocket-sized, the Reader is a two-handed device that’s […]

Why Schlep Five Pounds of PC When Netbooks Are Such Featherweights?

I am not too happy with myself at the moment. My back is even less happy with me. After years of carrying luggables and laptops I got tired of my clothes being destroyed by shoulder bags, my thighs perenially black and blue from laptop carrying slaps, and my back being totally out of whack. The […]

Preserving Your Digital Legacy is Tough Work

Thirty years in the computing business and the next thing you know is that you’ve amassed your own  digital legacy.  Years of life’s work, play and everything in between sitting around in a disk or off in some cloud somewhere, stored as bits and bytes. As I thought about legacy I started to think about […]

Learn a Language Like Babies Do

I remember sitting in Dr. Salas’ Spanish class. The sum of the year? I can sing A Las Son Las Mananitas and have a great conversation with anyone who has a cold. (Ojala que se mejore pronto.) I’ve always felt a little sheepish about comparing a human teacher to a computer, but when it comes […]

Generation Gap Widens Over Spam

My 80-year-old dad just invited everyone he knows to join him on Desktop Dating. (I’ll refrain from providing the URL.) Desktop Dating is a porn dating site. The site’s opening screen shows two people engaged in some powerful human one-on-one interaction. So what was going through Dad’s head when he invited everyone in his AOL […]