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Pandigital’s Novel Is Both Novel and Easy on the Pocketbook

Pandigital, a company best known for creating wireless digital photo frames, took a novel step forward with the introduction of a $200 full-color e-book reader with multimedia capabilities and a Barnes & Noble affiliation. In addition to the unit’s e-reader functionality, you can store photos, music, and movies, and use the device as a photo […]

Why Google Needs a Student Version

Google needs to have a student version of its popular search software.  It’s not because of pornography. It’s not because of meeting weirdos online.  It’s simply a matter of being able to concentrate on things that kids need to concentrate on without any distractions. The classic example is Ethan Allen.  Enter the term into Search and […]

Learn a Language Like Babies Do

I remember sitting in Dr. Salas’ Spanish class. The sum of the year? I can sing A Las Son Las Mananitas and have a great conversation with anyone who has a cold. (Ojala que se mejore pronto.) I’ve always felt a little sheepish about comparing a human teacher to a computer, but when it comes […]

A Primer on the High Tech School

For those who haven’t been back-to-school in a while; things have changed.

Amazon New Kindle DX: Saint of Newspapers and Textbook Publishers

The new $489 Kindle DX is the Big Kahuna of Amazon’s growing Kindle reader family. With its large 9.7-inch screen (the Kindle 2 available now only has a 6-inch screen), higher resolution (1200×824 instead of 600×300), and svelte, lightweight format, it’s meant to make heavily formatted and overly large documents readable. While it won’t be […]

Enough With the Princesses and Fairies: Disney Shows Boys Some Love

There are 18 million boys playing online but you wouldn’t know it based on the entertainment offered by the big toy companies. Disney hopes to show boys some love by launching a website and cable TV channel that’s a departure from its more recent online worlds which have been populated by fairies and princesses.

For College Kids and Their Parents

Whoever said, “parenting is done when the kids head off to college” obviously never lived with college-aged kids. They call to give you the gory details of their latest breakdown/calamity/bad day… whatever. You’ll spend a week fretting about it and they’ll forget it ever happened.

What’s Worse Than a Facebook Kid? A Nosy Facebook Parent

Now that we’ve all been invited to join Facebook and it’s no longer limited to students, parents are coming out of the closet and using Facebook openly as a tool in their parenting arsenal. They are looking at their kids’ friends, potential roommates, and even entire college classes in order to pre-screen elements those they […]

College Grads Can Use the Web to Market Themselves

It’s a competitive world out there and millions of graduates are about to be pounding the pavement trying to get a toe-hold in the working world. I’ve been thinking about how the technology they love so much can help them differentiate themselves from the masses. Check out my Yahoo! column where I show how blogs, […]

Keeping Safe on the College Campus

In light of the recent tragedy at Virginia Tech, the safety and well being of their college students is first and foremost on many parents’ minds. And it’s more than just campus lock-downs and security. It’s a question of mental balance and well being. Here are a few tips excerpted from my most recent book, […]