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Articles About 'Demo 09'

Are Your Mobile Apps Trying To Kill You?

Last year, 5,870 people died in car crashes caused by some kind of distraction, according to a report issued in September by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Today, 19 states and the District of Columbia either have or plan to have a ban on texting while driving. Other states are jumping on the bandwagon. […]

Report From DEMO 09

DEMO 09 is traditionally a showcase for new technology that’s just coming out of incubation. The tools showcased range from mindless to the sublime, but it’s always fun to see what the trends are. The operative word for this show was mobile apps. About 90% of the demos involved the smartphone. Why? In part, because […]

Should Learning Be Rewarded With “Stuff”?

There’s something really creepy about paying your kids to learn…or is there? The New York Times recently ran an interesting piece on whether or not kids learn better when they’re given material incentives. Historically, educators have frowned on rewards. They want very much to believe that education, the pursuit of knowledge, is reward enough.

Demo 09: Can Products Really Help Get Work Done?

It’s the age old debate. Products help you become more productive, until they don’t. Healthy skepticism is required when you’re looking at products that claim to make it “quicker, better, faster.” Often, many hours into your investment in a new solution, you come to the one thing the product can’t do that you definitely need […]