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Two New Games For Young Fliers

Flight Simulator the Microsoft game thats ultrarealistic controls and navigation path gave many armchair pilots a chance to take control of the wheel.  Now the kids can get into the act with two games announced for the junior set. Heros in the Sky MySims Sky Heroes: launching by this Sept  Most of you are familiar […]

go 2 prom w me?

If you’re 17 or so and getting ready about to say goodbye to high school  prom night might figure high on your to do list this week.  The ultimate sign of digital times are the numbers of kids who’ll invite their dates via a text message.  The conversation might go something like this, says Margaret […]

Intel’s Classmate PC in Action at the Central Park Zoo

“Someone told me it’s all happening at the zoo” just took on new meaning. This week, students on a class trip to the Central Park Zoo were equipped with the latest Intel Classmate PCs. They used the notebook-cum-tablet features to sketch puffins and penguins. They attached USB sensors to explore temperature and humidity in the […]

Why Google Needs a Student Version

Google needs to have a student version of its popular search software.  It’s not because of pornography. It’s not because of meeting weirdos online.  It’s simply a matter of being able to concentrate on things that kids need to concentrate on without any distractions. The classic example is Ethan Allen.  Enter the term into Search and […]

Toy Fair Where Grownups Get to Play First

Toy Fair, an industry trade show in NYC this week, is one of my favorite annual visits, because it’s a chance to be a big kid in a candy shop full of toys that the public has not yet seen. This year’s show feels a little recession strapped in that the toy manufacturers are packing volumes […]

It’s Holiday Season, But the Homework Still Flows

I feel like the Grinch mentioning this around the holidays, but it’s a fact. Kids get homework even as the holidays approach. The rule of thumb is that kids get 20 minutes of homework per grade. So by junior high school you’re looking at between 2-3 hours of homework each evening–and that’s after a long […]

How to Stalk Your College Kids, From the Ultimate E-mom

What if your life were just an example to be parodied? That’s how I felt when I watched this perfectly executed parody of an earnest mom explaining how she can keep tabs on her college kids. If you’ve ever been part of the Internet safety discussion you’ve got to see this clip from The Onion.

Shmoop: CliffNotes for a Media Savvy Generation

Ernest Hemingway earned the name Papa at the ripe old age of 27. His parents hated his writing. In a literary duel with F. Scott Fitzgerald, Hemingway gave Fitzgerald’s critique a three word  brush-off: “Kiss My Ass”. Like MTV or “E”, Shmoop appeals to the quick moving, often purient interests of digital aged kids.  Hence, the […]

Dell vs. Disney; Asus vs. Nick, Oh My!

Never mind you, which netbook will your kids be carting to and from 1st grade this year? Will it be the one with SpongeBob or with Little Mermaid? This week Dell announced a new netbook designed for the 6- to 12-year-old: the Inspiron Mini Nick Edition.

A Primer on the High Tech School

For those who haven’t been back-to-school in a while; things have changed.