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Facebook: The Six-Year-Old With a Messy Room

Facebook turned six this week and so did my relationship with it.  Initially, at its creation, I was a voyeur on my kids’ sites because I didn’t have the requisite college .edu address to access to the site. Soon after, when it expanded to include high school students, it dropped the .edu address requirement. It […]

How to Stalk Your College Kids, From the Ultimate E-mom

What if your life were just an example to be parodied? That’s how I felt when I watched this perfectly executed parody of an earnest mom explaining how she can keep tabs on her college kids. If you’ve ever been part of the Internet safety discussion you’ve got to see this clip from The Onion.

Facebook Is Getting Wrinkles

I joined Facebook in 2005. My friends were my son and my daughter. My son quickly removed me from his list. That left my daughter. Fast forward to 2009 when I’ve got 647 friends. I get about five new friend requests a day. For the most part these are people I know—the sum total of […]

The Taming of the Internet: Child Porn First

After decades of trying to curtail the amount of pornography available on the Internet, a glimmer of consensus has been reached. But the moment might be fleeting.

What if Facebook Was Real Life? (It’s Complicated)

Everyone who’s spent hours asking people they don’t even like to be their friends, writing on walls, or reaffirming the complications of their relationships will get a kick out of this YouTube video that parodies real life. It’s making the rounds of the viral videos, but there’s more to it than a good laugh.

Facebook Becomes a More Gated Community

If you’ve been watching Facebook over the years, you know that it’s not the same place it once was. First a haven for college kids with a .edu address, Facebook expanded its community in both directions. Upward to accommodate the working world (a Facebook network can be your place of business) and downward to the […]

Why “Because I Said So” Won’t Work

Don’t we all wish that Internet safety was as easy as saying “because I said so, that’s why!”? Somewhere around age 3 kids learn the “W” (Why) word as a rebuttal, and once they do, there’s no going back. And as they get older they’re more likely to follow the advice dispensed behind a well-reasoned […]

Facebook: New Ease of Use Keeps Users Safer

I’ve always been a big fan of Facebook, believing that, in the end, its utility and magic would trump the downside. I believe that kids and adults alike will learn to rein in their most dangerous behaviors, and protect themselves online as well as off. But I’ve always been vocal in saying that I thought […]

Facebook Tries to Make Sense of the Senseless VT Shootings

On a Facebook group called Anyone Who Knew Cho Seung Hui, a reporter named Karen Park, with Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) in New York City is looking for Koreans from Virginia who knew Mr. Cho and would talk to the press. There are 57 members in her group now, mostly college students trying to make […]