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Tip of the Hat to Tech Ingenuity

Each year, for the past 10, I brace myself for The Last Gadget Standing, an event at International CES that admires the spirit of creativity and the fact that CES attendees not only appreciate cool technology, but that they can pick the winners from the losers. As the competition starts to heat up I’ll point […]

Pandigital’s Novel Is Both Novel and Easy on the Pocketbook

Pandigital, a company best known for creating wireless digital photo frames, took a novel step forward with the introduction of a $200 full-color e-book reader with multimedia capabilities and a Barnes & Noble affiliation. In addition to the unit’s e-reader functionality, you can store photos, music, and movies, and use the device as a photo […]

My Phone is so Smart It’s Become A Full Time Job

Now that buying a mobile phone is like buying a computer, moving, adapting and configuring your phone has become a full time job.  In the last few weeks I’ve heard the newest excuse for bad phone behavior –pocketbook dialing, misdials, and phones sounding off in inappropriate places.  “I just got a new phone and I’m still […]

If Apple’s Products Are so Easy, Then Why Is the Genius Bar so Crowded?

A lady walks into a bar–only this time the punch line is that it’s a Genius Bar. As a long-time PC user, my relationship to Apple is complicated. Love ‘em because they’re beautiful, admire the way they work. Hate ‘em because they’re closed systems, the complete antithesis of everything that the information age should be. […]

CES 2010: This Year’s Crystal Ball Is Made of Glass

Yes, it’s a Trekian buzzword, but telepresence creates the illusion that something or someone is with you.

New PCs Distinguished by Fashion, Not Feeds and Speeds

Now that all PCs cost about the same and run about the same at any given price point, they’ve become commodities. All except the Mac, that is. The Mac is like the mythical siren, designed to lure us with gorgeous work from bevel to the box, and expecting a premium to be paid for its good […]

Is That HD Video in Your Pocket? A Look at Kodak’s New Zi8 VideoCam

A pocket video recorder is the 21st century version of pen and paper. You can whip it out, document, and then share the moments of your day. The top contenders in the pocket video space are the Flip camera and the Kodak Xi8. Flip’s got the catchier name and it captured high definition video first. […]

Technology for the Sleep Obsessed

I have become my Grandmother. She was the one that spent  a bulk of each day pleasantly sleeping in front of the television. The instant she’d wake she’d fret about the fact  that she never slept.  As we age sleep problems do increase, but so does fretting about them. While I’m not my Grandma yet,  I’m now […]

CEALineshows/Digital Downtown Report

Report from Digital Downtown Held in NYC this week, CEALineShows/Digital Downtown a June preview event focused on innovation and a sneak peak at the holiday season drew its share of news. Here’s what some attendees had to say. The Geek in Chief Addresses the Crowd Does it take to long to renew your driver’s liscense? […]

Amazon New Kindle DX: Saint of Newspapers and Textbook Publishers

The new $489 Kindle DX is the Big Kahuna of Amazon’s growing Kindle reader family. With its large 9.7-inch screen (the Kindle 2 available now only has a 6-inch screen), higher resolution (1200×824 instead of 600×300), and svelte, lightweight format, it’s meant to make heavily formatted and overly large documents readable. While it won’t be […]