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Articles About 'hardware'

Over-Connected is the New Disconnect

There was a time when the thought of not being connected gave me hives. Now I’m willing to pay a premium to find a place where I can be disconnected for awhile. In the Air My first safe haven to go was the airplane. A flight was a place to read a book or watch […]

HP Announces a Laptop for Students

Joining Intel’s Classmate PC and the One Laptop Per Child PC, the Mini-Note is the latest foray into the sub-notebook PC for the classroom. To laptop or not to laptop, that is the question many schools are asking. Parents should take heed. More and more schools have begun to require a laptop and at younger […]

Ode to a Gadget

Actually, it’s a movie, not an ode. Since gadgets have kept me duly employed for nearly 35 years, I thought I might spend a few moments reflecting on what gadgets mean to others. Sheer joy or bane of existence? Making life simpler or making it darn complicated? Defining personality or making all personalities identical? With […]

Wii-Alikes for the Youngest Gamers

Nintendo’s Wii is the Barak Obama of the video game world. Nintendo said if you give families a game that’s fun for the whole family they will come. Change will happen. And so we came and enjoyed as the Wii transcended age and gender barriers.