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Articles About 'health and safety'

Agetek : The Quiet Digital Revolution Gets Noisier

One November morning in 2009, Peter Radsliff, the President and CEO of Presto, a PC-less based system for easy delivery of email as a printed sheet of paper, was on a call with his colleagues from other companies when he mused about “why business had to be so hard”. The sentiment turns out to have […]

The Truth About 3D TV

Soon, you might be sitting down in front of a 3D movie that flashes a warning about the known risks involved in watching. For now, what we don’t know about watching movies and TV shows in 3D could fill a 2D book! This week, I spent some fun time with Panasonic’s new line of 3D […]

Ford Takes the Backseat for Safety

We’re all used to airbag and seatbelt routines in the front seats of our cars, but what about the jumping kids and fragile elderly who sit in the rear seat? Today, even though no law requires it, Ford announced a rear seat safety belt that’s inflatable. Designed to protect backseat passengers, with special attention to […]

Baby Einstein Gets a Spanking

When I was kid, we ate Wonder Bread because it “built strong bodies in 12 ways.” Mom didn’t count; she just took it on faith. Ditto for choosing Crest, because more dentists recommended it, and Keds for making us run faster, jump higher. So why did Disney decide to offer a full refund to families […]

Are Your Mobile Apps Trying To Kill You?

Last year, 5,870 people died in car crashes caused by some kind of distraction, according to a report issued in September by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Today, 19 states and the District of Columbia either have or plan to have a ban on texting while driving. Other states are jumping on the bandwagon. […]

Mario and Sonic Do Vancouver

Mario and Sonic are Olympians with a pretty impressive track record. Separately, Mario plays for the Nintendo team and Sonic plays for Sega. But when they join forces, whoa, stand back. They teamed up in Beijing to star in Mario and Sonic at the Summer Olympics and managed to sell over 10 million games as […]

Next Generation Internet Safety Products

The first generation of Internet safety products to help parents protect their kids from the dangers of cyberspace were all about saying “no.” This next generation is all about negotiation and conversation. And that’s a good thing, since what most kids need is education about the Internet and not a lockdown.

Holiday High Tech De-stressers

PCs and relaxation are not two words that I often use in the same breath. The whole notion of relaxation software seems a bit oxymoronic. But when you think about it, it makes perfect sense that digital tools can provide the necessary feedback to help you manage stress. With the holidays around the corner, these […]

I’ve Met the Wii-minatrix

I knew we’d get to the day when technology could finally humiliate me physically, just like it’s humiliated me mentally for all these years. For every application that won’t run, gadget that won’t sync, or file that can’t be found, I know that the computer is there laughing at me.

Is the Promise of Technology to Simplify Our Lives?

And if so …. is it failing? I was asked to write an essay about my thoughts on this prompt for The Economist. I really wanted to ask them who in the world would say that technology was meant to simplify? And why haven’t they received their lobotomy yet?