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3D Versus Body Motion: What Matters Most for Next Gen Gamers?

Accoding to NPD, a research firm, families are using video games big time. After sports games and action games (each holding approximately 20% of the market), family games represent 12%, the next largest category. Though the press would have you think otherwise, nearly 50% of games sold are rated “E” for everyone. And the game […]

Two New Games For Young Fliers

Flight Simulator the Microsoft game thats ultrarealistic controls and navigation path gave many armchair pilots a chance to take control of the wheel.  Now the kids can get into the act with two games announced for the junior set. Heros in the Sky MySims Sky Heroes: launching by this Sept  Most of you are familiar […]

Mobile Apps Need to get Heard

Dust or Magic App Camp was a two day conference held to share ideas, get involved, and immerse yourself in the newest interactive programming environment — apps development.  But you know the old “if an App falls in the woods …” To make sure that the apps garnered a public life, I, along with Reyne Rice […]

Kids and TV: A Love Affair Still in Full Bloom

If you read nothing else this week, take a look at the new study from the Kaiser Family Foundation. Some of the top line findings are worrisome. Kids still rank TV their fave for media—spending as much as seven to eight hours a day watching (that’s a full time job). Turns out that there’s little […]

Dell vs. Disney; Asus vs. Nick, Oh My!

Never mind you, which netbook will your kids be carting to and from 1st grade this year? Will it be the one with SpongeBob or with Little Mermaid? This week Dell announced a new netbook designed for the 6- to 12-year-old: the Inspiron Mini Nick Edition.

Making Faces on Your iPhone

Before File-Open-Save and Lacoste were the standard for applications and their developers, there was Kai Krause. Kai’s Power Tools, or KPT, were a collection of psychedelic digital effects that extended the capabilities of PhotoShop. Goo and PowerGoo were consumerized versions of these effects. You could take a photo and apply a few creative stretches and […]

After Wii’s Success Nintendo Woos Us Again

In the old days (just last week), before Nintendo’s new portable game console, the DSi, was available, portable game consoles were for kids with good eyesight, fast reflexes, and too much time on their hands. The DSi, the next generation of Nintendo’s DS, is going to shake things up by changing the nature of the […]

Live From the WiredSafety Summit

Parry Aftab is the Pied Piper (Piperess?) of kids’ Internet safety. Long before it was fashionable to invite kids to join in the conversation regarding best practices and safety on the Internet, Parry was not only listening to kids, but she was teaching them to become safe Internet leaders who would influence other kids. Yesterday, […]

Toy Fair 2009, Part II: Digital Bargains

Many parents are just about ready to give their kids two cans and some string and send them out to play. The days of $300 robots and $100 learning systems are fading fast. At Toy Fair this year, there was a nod towards austerity. But, while lower in costs, the toys did not suffer a […]

Kids@Play Explores What it Means to Grow Up Digital

“Our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children.” —Walt Disney For a child, today’s play is tomorrow’s work. Whether it’s playing with a toy doctor kit, a tea set, a digital camera and editing software, or inside of a virtual world, the skills they’ll need tomorrow are being honed. But their skills will […]