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Articles About 'legal issues'

A Sexting Primer

Anne Collier has been advocating forInternet Safety for almost as long as the Internet’s been around (that’s what keeps her so youthful). Lately she’s done some great reporting and offered her insights  on the whys and wherefores of sexting.  Why would a sane person (even a teen) run the risk of public shame and humilation (at […]

Should Google Be Doing More to Keep Us Safe?

I don’t know about you, but from my vantage point the signs of some virus/malware/bad guy troubles are everywhere. The first whiff came from a note sent by Avast!, a free (for basic protection) anti-virus program with a large user base. The company cautioned that malware gangs have become adept users of SEO (Search Engine […]

Preserving Your Digital Legacy is Tough Work

Thirty years in the computing business and the next thing you know is that you’ve amassed your own  digital legacy.  Years of life’s work, play and everything in between sitting around in a disk or off in some cloud somewhere, stored as bits and bytes. As I thought about legacy I started to think about […]

Internet Safety: It’s Time for a New Battle Cry

In the US alone there are dozens of well meaning organizations and companies that have made Internet Safety their bailiwick. Internet security companies like Symantec, Trend Micro, and McAfee for example, are but a few that have concentrated efforts on giving parents tools to monitor their kids’ Internet behaviors. Organizations like WiredSafety, FOSI, getNetWise, NetSmartz, […]

I Hereby Bequeath My Facebook Profile to (NAME HERE)

Their bodies may be gone, but their user names, passwords, and online personae linger on. As our PCs and our emails hold more and more of our most intimate musings, and as boomers face mortality, the question of how to treat our online lives in the afterlife is a big one. I hear more and […]

ReputationShare: A New Way for Websites to Clean up Their Acts

What if website operators could spot troublemakers in cyberspace based on a single score? What if that score stuck as you surfed the web? ReputationShare is a product that allows site operators to share information about your reputation as an upstanding digital citizen.

Sexting: Too Much Ado About Nothing?

It’s spring. The crocuses peek out their heads, newborn babies abound, and teenage hormones course through the veins of every 12- to 19-year-old. Maybe that’s why, every spring, parents get another wave of hysteria about the next peril they’ll need to face on the Internet. This season the hubbub revolves around “sexting.”

Spinning a Bad Reputation

Now that you can track what people say about you (your family, your employees, your product, your town…whatever it is that you hold dear), what can you do about it? Managing your reputation is a much thornier issue than tracking it.

What’s a Good Reputation Worth to You?

In cyberspace, whether you’ve been a saint, sinner, or some combination of the two, your reputation sticks. Forever. Long after the real world has moved past its obsession with your high school foibles, tawdry affairs, or crooked deals, the Internet elephant never forgets. I’ve lived it. A few years back I made a dumb business […]

It’s DTV Anarchy Out There

Last month I predicted that the government, in the true spirit of “why do today what you can put off until tomorrow” would vote to postpone the national transition to a digital TV signal, “DTV transition,” until June. They agreed to delay because millions of consumers weren’t ready (physically or mentally) to make the switch. […]