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Pandigital’s Novel Is Both Novel and Easy on the Pocketbook

Pandigital, a company best known for creating wireless digital photo frames, took a novel step forward with the introduction of a $200 full-color e-book reader with multimedia capabilities and a Barnes & Noble affiliation. In addition to the unit’s e-reader functionality, you can store photos, music, and movies, and use the device as a photo […]

Two New Games For Young Fliers

Flight Simulator the Microsoft game thats ultrarealistic controls and navigation path gave many armchair pilots a chance to take control of the wheel.  Now the kids can get into the act with two games announced for the junior set. Heros in the Sky MySims Sky Heroes: launching by this Sept  Most of you are familiar […]

Amazon New Kindle DX: Saint of Newspapers and Textbook Publishers

The new $489 Kindle DX is the Big Kahuna of Amazon’s growing Kindle reader family. With its large 9.7-inch screen (the Kindle 2 available now only has a 6-inch screen), higher resolution (1200×824 instead of 600×300), and svelte, lightweight format, it’s meant to make heavily formatted and overly large documents readable. While it won’t be […]

Spinning a Bad Reputation

Now that you can track what people say about you (your family, your employees, your product, your town…whatever it is that you hold dear), what can you do about it? Managing your reputation is a much thornier issue than tracking it.

Enough With the Princesses and Fairies: Disney Shows Boys Some Love

There are 18 million boys playing online but you wouldn’t know it based on the entertainment offered by the big toy companies. Disney hopes to show boys some love by launching a website and cable TV channel that’s a departure from its more recent online worlds which have been populated by fairies and princesses.

What Da Ya Know? Facebook Time Could be Time Well Spent

“Living and Learning With New Media,” a three-year study by the MacArthur Foundation-funded Digital Youth Project, posted its findings in a report on social media and kids. The bottom line? There’s a lot to be learned by spending time on social network sites. Despite what parents and educators may think, online time for teens is […]

The Schism Between School and the Digital World of Kids

Thanks to Renee Orrichio for spotting this YouTube video that eloquently depicts the gap between traditional education and the world of the web. These kids write and read, but they do it with blog posts and text messages. They remember those facts that they actively search out, but not always what the teacher tells them. […]

Surprise! Study Finds Marketers Dominate Kids’ Web

Preschoolers can’t understand the difference between content and ads on a website and like to shop despite the fact that money is an abstract term. Parents don’t mind straightforward advertising, but they can’t abide sites that try to blur the line between the two. Those are just two of the takeaways you’ll find in the […]

Is the Promise of Technology to Simplify Our Lives?

And if so …. is it failing? I was asked to write an essay about my thoughts on this prompt for The Economist. I really wanted to ask them who in the world would say that technology was meant to simplify? And why haven’t they received their lobotomy yet?

Kids Create DIY Porn

We’ve been paying a lot of attention to legislators as they attempt to rid the web of predators and purveyors of child porn. But, while we’ve all been looking at predators, we haven’t been paying attention to what the kids are doing. They’ve become creators of their own pornography.