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Articles About 'mom networks'

Women Workers Are Doing Great! So, why so Gloomy?

Women are doing well, because they’ll settle for less.

Making Faces on Your iPhone

Before File-Open-Save and Lacoste were the standard for applications and their developers, there was Kai Krause. Kai’s Power Tools, or KPT, were a collection of psychedelic digital effects that extended the capabilities of PhotoShop. Goo and PowerGoo were consumerized versions of these effects. You could take a photo and apply a few creative stretches and […]

Online Moms are Know-It-Alls

You may have sat next to them in grade school. Chances are you may be one. Type A moms, overachievers, and now you can call them the most knowledgeable parents, too. According to a new study from Nielsen Online, these online Power Moms, women online, ages 25-54 with at least one child, are nearly twice […]

Can Moms Swim With the Sharks?

You can pooh-pooh social networks and the power of community a you want, but the truth is that women of all ages (who happen to be great communicators to begin with) are tapping into the power of the Internet. When used to its best, the Internet provides tools aplenty to let a small “mom shop” […]

Tech Time for Moms

Once a year comes the payback for 364 days of “me last.” Mother’s Day has been transformed from a buy-a-box-of-candy holiday to one of those major consumer fests. And of course, technology is being hawked as this year’s equivalent of the 50s’ diamond necklace or trip to Maui. But what technology does mom really want […]

The Mommy Blogs

Eight thousand, five hundred moms do it! Blog, that is. At least that’s the tally according to a New York Times interview with Technorati, a San Francisco company that tracks blog traffic. What could all of these moms possibly have to talk about? Who has time to be a blogging mom? And most important, who […]

MomSpace: A Social Network for Mom

What do you get when you cross a mom-created grassroots business with a social network? The answer is MomSpace, a rather unique network that taps into the personal recommendations of its members as well as the power of moms as a potent local salesforce.