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Samsung’s New Netbook: Made With Sloppy Travelers in Mind

No offense, sloppy travelers. I’m one, too. That’s why I’m particularly enamored of Samsung’s latest netbook, the NB30 (available on Amazon and other online outlets like Tiger Direct). Without sacrificing style, it’s ruggedized to protect against life’s little goofs: spills, drops, and smacks. It’s not hard to notice the grooved hard plastic case that can […]

New PCs Distinguished by Fashion, Not Feeds and Speeds

Now that all PCs cost about the same and run about the same at any given price point, they’ve become commodities. All except the Mac, that is. The Mac is like the mythical siren, designed to lure us with gorgeous work from bevel to the box, and expecting a premium to be paid for its good […]

Why Schlep Five Pounds of PC When Netbooks Are Such Featherweights?

I am not too happy with myself at the moment. My back is even less happy with me. After years of carrying luggables and laptops I got tired of my clothes being destroyed by shoulder bags, my thighs perenially black and blue from laptop carrying slaps, and my back being totally out of whack. The […]

Dell vs. Disney; Asus vs. Nick, Oh My!

Never mind you, which netbook will your kids be carting to and from 1st grade this year? Will it be the one with SpongeBob or with Little Mermaid? This week Dell announced a new netbook designed for the 6- to 12-year-old: the Inspiron Mini Nick Edition.