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Articles About 'parenting'

Online Moms are Know-It-Alls

You may have sat next to them in grade school. Chances are you may be one. Type A moms, overachievers, and now you can call them the most knowledgeable parents, too. According to a new study from Nielsen Online, these online Power Moms, women online, ages 25-54 with at least one child, are nearly twice […]

The Schism Between School and the Digital World of Kids

Thanks to Renee Orrichio for spotting this YouTube video that eloquently depicts the gap between traditional education and the world of the web. These kids write and read, but they do it with blog posts and text messages. They remember those facts that they actively search out, but not always what the teacher tells them. […]

T-Mobile Makes Allowances

Any parent who’s tried to manage a texting teen, an IM’ing middle schooler, or a chatting tweener knows how difficult it is to teach them to moderate their phone time. This week T-Mobile gave parents another tool in the never-ending battle of cellphone-mania. The new service allows parents to monitor every aspect of phone life […]

Back-to-School Lessons

September’s the month to plot your back-to-school survival strategy. For parents, the school year requires the management skills of a Fortune 500 CEO, the planning skills of General Patton, and the negotiation skills of King Solomon himself. And that’s just what you need before the year officially gets started. The joys, of course, are well […]

Raising Kids in a Digital World

Many of you have asked me to post a recent copy of my presentation for parents. Here you go. The first part of the presentation sets the stage for why the Internet is causing such a rift between parents and kids. The next part looks at the economics of the Internet, which explains a lot […]