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Articles About 'time management'

My Phone is so Smart It’s Become A Full Time Job

Now that buying a mobile phone is like buying a computer, moving, adapting and configuring your phone has become a full time job.  In the last few weeks I’ve heard the newest excuse for bad phone behavior –pocketbook dialing, misdials, and phones sounding off in inappropriate places.  “I just got a new phone and I’m still […]

It’s Holiday Season, But the Homework Still Flows

I feel like the Grinch mentioning this around the holidays, but it’s a fact. Kids get homework even as the holidays approach. The rule of thumb is that kids get 20 minutes of homework per grade. So by junior high school you’re looking at between 2-3 hours of homework each evening–and that’s after a long […]

Over-Connected is the New Disconnect

There was a time when the thought of not being connected gave me hives. Now I’m willing to pay a premium to find a place where I can be disconnected for awhile. In the Air My first safe haven to go was the airplane. A flight was a place to read a book or watch […]

Next Generation Internet Safety Products

The first generation of Internet safety products to help parents protect their kids from the dangers of cyberspace were all about saying “no.” This next generation is all about negotiation and conversation. And that’s a good thing, since what most kids need is education about the Internet and not a lockdown.

The Schism Between School and the Digital World of Kids

Thanks to Renee Orrichio for spotting this YouTube video that eloquently depicts the gap between traditional education and the world of the web. These kids write and read, but they do it with blog posts and text messages. They remember those facts that they actively search out, but not always what the teacher tells them. […]

Back-to-School Lessons

September’s the month to plot your back-to-school survival strategy. For parents, the school year requires the management skills of a Fortune 500 CEO, the planning skills of General Patton, and the negotiation skills of King Solomon himself. And that’s just what you need before the year officially gets started. The joys, of course, are well […]

Handipoints: The Old Chore Wheel Meets the Digital Age

You remember it, don’t you? A paper plate with a fastener holding moving paper arms that rotated around the plate and pointed to your next familial task: mow the lawn, do the laundry, set the table. At our house, we got our allowances in return for doing what the wheel said. Some families had Patton-like […]

Why Google Needs a Special “Student” Version

There’s no doubt that Google is good at what it does. It’s put information at the fingertips of countlessBaixe no formato MP3 gratuitos e passe para o seu celular. people of all ages. And there’s no doubt that kids and families think Google when they’re seeking answers before just about anything else. But Google […]

A Cell Phone That Gives Control Back to the Family

Over the past few years there have been a number of attempts to create the perfect kids’ phone. Firefly, Migo , Wherify, Tic Talk, and others come to mind. But you know the old rule of kids, don’t you? The kids don’t want the kids’ phone! They want the cool phone.

Managing Time On Social Networks

More and more often, parents ask me for a program that simply does one thing–manage their teen’s time on Facebook and lock it up after a certain number of hours go by. “We trust our child,” one dad told me, “but we know how easy it is for them to be spending too many hours […]