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The Truth About 3D TV

Soon, you might be sitting down in front of a 3D movie that flashes a warning about the known risks involved in watching. For now, what we don’t know about watching movies and TV shows in 3D could fill a 2D book! This week, I spent some fun time with Panasonic’s new line of 3D […]

Toy Fair Where Grownups Get to Play First

Toy Fair, an industry trade show in NYC this week, is one of my favorite annual visits, because it’s a chance to be a big kid in a candy shop full of toys that the public has not yet seen. This year’s show feels a little recession strapped in that the toy manufacturers are packing volumes […]

Kids and TV: A Love Affair Still in Full Bloom

If you read nothing else this week, take a look at the new study from the Kaiser Family Foundation. Some of the top line findings are worrisome. Kids still rank TV their fave for media—spending as much as seven to eight hours a day watching (that’s a full time job). Turns out that there’s little […]

Why 3D TV Creeps Me Out

CES is a toy show for adults and this year’s CES showcased bigger, better, and more expensive toys than ever. The year’s hottest toy was undoubtedly 3D. The TVs came to CES in a dizzying display of shapes and sizes. Mobs of people wearing special 3D glasses made it feel like you were walking into […]

CEALineshows/Digital Downtown Report

Report from Digital Downtown Held in NYC this week, CEALineShows/Digital Downtown a June preview event focused on innovation and a sneak peak at the holiday season drew its share of news. Here’s what some attendees had to say. The Geek in Chief Addresses the Crowd Does it take to long to renew your driver’s liscense? […]

It’s DTV Anarchy Out There

Last month I predicted that the government, in the true spirit of “why do today what you can put off until tomorrow” would vote to postpone the national transition to a digital TV signal, “DTV transition,” until June. They agreed to delay because millions of consumers weren’t ready (physically or mentally) to make the switch. […]

Enough With the Princesses and Fairies: Disney Shows Boys Some Love

There are 18 million boys playing online but you wouldn’t know it based on the entertainment offered by the big toy companies. Disney hopes to show boys some love by launching a website and cable TV channel that’s a departure from its more recent online worlds which have been populated by fairies and princesses.

Digital TV Transition Goes Bipolar

Imagine if our country had to solve something as complicated as a financial crisis! We can’t even manage to get everyone a TV signal without it becoming a political brouhaha. So what do you make of the fact that the Senate voted to postpone the cutover to a digital television signal until June, followed by […]

Wii-Alikes for the Youngest Gamers

Nintendo’s Wii is the Barak Obama of the video game world. Nintendo said if you give families a game that’s fun for the whole family they will come. Change will happen. And so we came and enjoyed as the Wii transcended age and gender barriers.


The folks at Common Sense Media recently issued a report that said parents are more troubled about how much their kids play and interact with media (video games, TV, and social networks) than they are about drinking, smoking, or sexual behavior. The study, a poll of families, showed that kids are spending more time with […]