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3D Versus Body Motion: What Matters Most for Next Gen Gamers?

Accoding to NPD, a research firm, families are using video games big time. After sports games and action games (each holding approximately 20% of the market), family games represent 12%, the next largest category. Though the press would have you think otherwise, nearly 50% of games sold are rated “E” for everyone. And the game […]

Two New Games For Young Fliers

Flight Simulator the Microsoft game thats ultrarealistic controls and navigation path gave many armchair pilots a chance to take control of the wheel.  Now the kids can get into the act with two games announced for the junior set. Heros in the Sky MySims Sky Heroes: launching by this Sept  Most of you are familiar […]

Look Ma! No Controller: Microsoft’s Natal Genius

You’ve probably heard about Project Natal by now. It’s Microsoft’s “secret” project that lets you use your body as the input device for the Xbox Live. No controllers, no wires, no headgear or gloves. If you liked using Nintendo Wii’s controller to play games you’ll love the freedom and increased capability of using your body.

CES 2010: This Year’s Crystal Ball Is Made of Glass

Yes, it’s a Trekian buzzword, but telepresence creates the illusion that something or someone is with you.

And Games to Avoid

Nothing wrong with a mindless game every now and then, but some games are more mindless than others. I’d have your kids steer clear of these. One because it’s grossly sophmoric, two because it was a terrible game that Michael Jackson’s death will resurrect. And three because it fuels the notion of jihad as something […]

It’s Summertime: Tech Things to Do (or Not) With the Kids

Whoever designed the three-month summer vacation must have received kickbacks from the electronics industry. Even the most well intentioned moms and dads need a break from lemonade stands, swim parties, and cookouts. Here are a handful of great ideas followed by a handful of fair warnings.

Summer’s New Digital Toys

It’s show time for the digital toy business. Time to trot out previews of the summer’s releases.  This season offerings has a few recurrent themes. First is low price. Almost all of the manufacturers are selling less expensive variations on their older toys.  The second trend is all about using the body and brain in combination. […]

Leapfrog Gives Leaping an Infrastructure

Have you tried shopping for educational toys  for young kids lately? It’s a jungle out there.  If you’re looking to help them practice  reading, math, critical thinking, color matching  … whatever, there are hundreds to choose from ranging from the mundane to the sublime. And no way to know for sure much about what’s inside the […]

Maybe Growing Up to Be a Game Designer Isn’t Such a Bad Idea?

Now that they’ve seen game developers turn into rock stars (and get paid like them too) parents are much more likely to take gaming as a serious career path. Game development is a part of many colleges computer science curriculum and in a number of high schools like this one in NYC, building a game […]

After Wii’s Success Nintendo Woos Us Again

In the old days (just last week), before Nintendo’s new portable game console, the DSi, was available, portable game consoles were for kids with good eyesight, fast reflexes, and too much time on their hands. The DSi, the next generation of Nintendo’s DS, is going to shake things up by changing the nature of the […]