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Articles About 'virtual worlds'

CES 2010: This Year’s Crystal Ball Is Made of Glass

Yes, it’s a Trekian buzzword, but telepresence creates the illusion that something or someone is with you.

SuperSecret’s Virtual World Shows Its Secret Sauce

Watch kids play long enough and you learn that there’s nothing new under the sun. Only the packaging changes. The same play types—from pirates to mystery sleuths, from hula hoops to board game favorites—reappear. This notion of favorite play patterns wasn’t lost on Ted Barnett, the CEO, co-founder, and dad behind the new virtual world, […]

How ‘Bout Some Organic Media With Those Veggies?

If organic food is better for the body, then what’s organic media? Chopped liver? That’s the question that Amy Tucker, CEO of Matter Group and founder of a new kid’s multimedia property called Xeko, posed at a recent meeting of Women in Children’s Media where the subject was “green” media. Xeko challenges kids to “Be […]

How Many Is Too Many (Lives That Is?)

This column appeared in HybridMom Magazine this month. Consider it a cautionary tale of a sleep deprived second-lifer. My name is Hybrid Snoodle. I’m pretty hip-looking with my army chick/punk-er getup: camouflage t-shirt, black fishnet tights, short skirt, day-glo helmet, and one of those shapely 3D bodies. It’s 2 AM and in a few hours […]