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CES 2010: This Year’s Crystal Ball Is Made of Glass

Yes, it’s a Trekian buzzword, but telepresence creates the illusion that something or someone is with you.

Intel Holiday High Tech Etiquette Study: Check Your Wireless Devices at the Door

At a small gathering at the Russian Tea Room in New York City, Intel released the findings of a Harris Poll called the Intel Holiday Mobile Etiquette study. Turns out that mobile etiquette over the holidays is much like non-mobile etiquette—there are unspoken rules and it’s the adults that make the rules.

New PCs Distinguished by Fashion, Not Feeds and Speeds

Now that all PCs cost about the same and run about the same at any given price point, they’ve become commodities. All except the Mac, that is. The Mac is like the mythical siren, designed to lure us with gorgeous work from bevel to the box, and expecting a premium to be paid for its good […]

Are Your Mobile Apps Trying To Kill You?

Last year, 5,870 people died in car crashes caused by some kind of distraction, according to a report issued in September by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Today, 19 states and the District of Columbia either have or plan to have a ban on texting while driving. Other states are jumping on the bandwagon. […]

Why Schlep Five Pounds of PC When Netbooks Are Such Featherweights?

I am not too happy with myself at the moment. My back is even less happy with me. After years of carrying luggables and laptops I got tired of my clothes being destroyed by shoulder bags, my thighs perenially black and blue from laptop carrying slaps, and my back being totally out of whack. The […]

Learn a Language Like Babies Do

I remember sitting in Dr. Salas’ Spanish class. The sum of the year? I can sing A Las Son Las Mananitas and have a great conversation with anyone who has a cold. (Ojala que se mejore pronto.) I’ve always felt a little sheepish about comparing a human teacher to a computer, but when it comes […]

Ford’s Self-Parking Car and Samsung’s Self-Photographing Camera

I expect machine takeover any moment. This week I got two tastes of new technologies that reminded me about problems that machines can solve better than me: Ford’s Active Park Assist and Samsung’s new Dual View Camera.

Is That HD Video in Your Pocket? A Look at Kodak’s New Zi8 VideoCam

A pocket video recorder is the 21st century version of pen and paper. You can whip it out, document, and then share the moments of your day. The top contenders in the pocket video space are the Flip camera and the Kodak Xi8. Flip’s got the catchier name and it captured high definition video first. […]

CEALineshows/Digital Downtown Report

Report from Digital Downtown Held in NYC this week, CEALineShows/Digital Downtown a June preview event focused on innovation and a sneak peak at the holiday season drew its share of news. Here’s what some attendees had to say. The Geek in Chief Addresses the Crowd Does it take to long to renew your driver’s liscense? […]

I Hereby Bequeath My Facebook Profile to (NAME HERE)

Their bodies may be gone, but their user names, passwords, and online personae linger on. As our PCs and our emails hold more and more of our most intimate musings, and as boomers face mortality, the question of how to treat our online lives in the afterlife is a big one. I hear more and […]