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Native Union Melds Ultra-cool and Retro Into iPhone Handsets

Moshi Moshi headsets are the brainstorm of three design-conscious expats in Hong Kong who hated spending long periods of time on their cellphones. “When you’re in your office,” said John Brunner, managing director, “there’s no reason to hold the cellphone to your ear or wear earphones.”  In addition to style and comfort, Brunner says that […]

The Truth About 3D TV

Soon, you might be sitting down in front of a 3D movie that flashes a warning about the known risks involved in watching. For now, what we don’t know about watching movies and TV shows in 3D could fill a 2D book! This week, I spent some fun time with Panasonic’s new line of 3D […]

Look Ma! No Controller: Microsoft’s Natal Genius

You’ve probably heard about Project Natal by now. It’s Microsoft’s “secret” project that lets you use your body as the input device for the Xbox Live. No controllers, no wires, no headgear or gloves. If you liked using Nintendo Wii’s controller to play games you’ll love the freedom and increased capability of using your body.

Toy Fair Where Grownups Get to Play First

Toy Fair, an industry trade show in NYC this week, is one of my favorite annual visits, because it’s a chance to be a big kid in a candy shop full of toys that the public has not yet seen. This year’s show feels a little recession strapped in that the toy manufacturers are packing volumes […]

New Computer Engineer Barbie Gives New Meaning to Geek Chic

She wears a shirtdress decorated with zeros and ones over a pair of tight, shiny black pants. She’s got a Bluetooth headset in her ear, those smart-girl looking glasses, and a pretty pink laptop. She’s Computer Engineer Barbie and she sprang to life via the popular vote of consumers all over the world. They voted on what […]

Facebook: The Six-Year-Old With a Messy Room

Facebook turned six this week and so did my relationship with it.  Initially, at its creation, I was a voyeur on my kids’ sites because I didn’t have the requisite college .edu address to access to the site. Soon after, when it expanded to include high school students, it dropped the .edu address requirement. It […]

If Apple’s Products Are so Easy, Then Why Is the Genius Bar so Crowded?

A lady walks into a bar–only this time the punch line is that it’s a Genius Bar. As a long-time PC user, my relationship to Apple is complicated. Love ‘em because they’re beautiful, admire the way they work. Hate ‘em because they’re closed systems, the complete antithesis of everything that the information age should be. […]

It’s Holiday Season, But the Homework Still Flows

I feel like the Grinch mentioning this around the holidays, but it’s a fact. Kids get homework even as the holidays approach. The rule of thumb is that kids get 20 minutes of homework per grade. So by junior high school you’re looking at between 2-3 hours of homework each evening–and that’s after a long […]

Black Friday Deals That Can Make You Leave Your Couch

I don’t know how you spend your post-Thanksgiving Fridays, but our family usually goes for a  vigorous hike; then we turn into couch-sloths.  But for many, Black Friday means getting up at 4AM and getting ready to do battle at the shopping malls, big box stores and even online.  Black Friday,  a shopping day that […]

Garfield Does Cyberbullying

There’s a new cat in town and he’s down on cyberbullying. The cat is that lovable, grouchy, Thanksgiving Day parade favorite, Garfield. A joint effort of the Virginia Department of Education, the state Attorney General’s office, and the Garfield Foundation (created by Jim Davis, the creator of the comic), the program takes a whimsical look […]