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Tag: boomers

Agetek : The Quiet Digital Revolution Gets Noisier

One November morning in 2009, Peter Radsliff, the President and CEO of Presto, a PC-less based system for easy delivery of email as a printed sheet of paper, was on a call with his colleagues from other companies when he mused about “why business had to be so hard”. The sentiment turns out to have […]

Raskin Joins AIPatHome Advisory Team

AIP stands for Aging in Place, and as boomers age, or find themselves with aging parents, you’re going to hear more about how to use technology to allow folks to live in their own homes longer. Whether it’s a televisit for the doctors or a motion ssensor that detects a fall, there are many roads to […]

WrinkleFree Eyes

I write about technology. One look at my photo tells you that I don’t write about beauty. But indulge me for a moment. A friend just gave me a few boxes of a new high tech beauty product called WrinkleFree Eyes. The magic sauce includes strips of microcharged (small amount of electric current) film that […]