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Come visit me at Yahoo’s New Tech Site

Published: May 06, 2006

It’s sort of like having a second home and it’s sort of like having a new career. When Yahoo told me that they were creating a new site for people who share a passion for technology to help them get the most out of life, but aren’t necessarily total geeks, I begged to sign on. I’m all about better living through technology.

Then I looked in the mirror and realized I was pushing the envelope on the Internet Mom thing. My kids are grown; all but one is out of college. I figured it was getting near time to grow into my new life as a Boomer Blogger.

At Yahoo I’ll be talking about the technology that well, how can I put this delicately, mature people need to know about. We’ll talk about using technology to keep our work lives flowing, our personal lives growing, and still understand our kids and our digital culture. I’ll be joined by three terrific folks who’ll cover Youth, The Wired Office Worker and The Mom alongside me.

I’ll still be keeping this site up to date with ideas for raising digital kids, reviews of family tools, kids software, social networks, and tips for narrowing digital divides of all kinds – intergenerational being one of them.

I hope you’ll visit me often in both places. It’s going to be a great adventure.