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A Woman’s Work….and how Technology Changes It

Woman or not…new home appliances can take a load off

Published:March 20, 2006

Spin Cycle

On laundry front, there’s no more hanging around the laundry room eyeing the timer. LG System’s Steamwasher with Remote Monitoring Laundry System tells you how much time is left in the cycle… wherever you are. Plus, it features a steam cycle that is easier on your clothes and the environment than traditional wash cycles. ($1499, Whirlpool’s Fabric Freshener looks like a mini walk-in closet, but hang your clothes inside of it, and odors and wrinkles disappear. (

Dirty Dishes

Both the Bosch Integra Limited and Whirlpool’s ® SheerClean™ Wash System use built in sensors that control the temperature in the dishwasher. The sensor feels when the dishes are clean, so you can stop guessing about whether to pre-wash and which cycle to choose. (From $699 and up.)

Now You’re Cooking

Steam is the power behind Sharp’s AX-700S Superheated Steam Oven. Steam cooking is healthy, fast and versatile, allowing your food to maintain its vitamins and minerals. All you do is add water to the unit’s reservoir, and steam is combined with your traditional roasted, grilled or baked settings. ($1,399.99 ,

Wishing you could grill a steak in your microwave? Whirpool’s g2microven can grill a steak, bake a batch of cookies, and crisp your fries using a combination of light and microwave power. ($699 and up) Samsung’s latest microwave comes replete with hundreds of downloadable recipes.