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Ho Ho, Not Ho Hum

It’s a good year for technology gifts for a couple of big reasons.

Published: December, 2005

Technology is flying off the shelves this year and there are probably some good reasons for that:

REASON #1: Technology is (I know we say this every year but this year it’s true) more affordable than ever. There are sub $100 digital cameras, $500 desktops, sub $100 music players and more.

REASON #2: Technology really brings out some of your creativity.

PhotoFiddle turns your photos into digital paintings.

Play an instrument, make a movie, design an art project, be a DJ. Technology have become very much about expressing your inner self.

REASON #3: Technology can be shared with friends. This is not about spending time alone stuck in front of your PC. This year’s gifts bring us together; not apart.

Unleashing the Artist within


Most photo sites offer a potpourri of photo -related activities: storage, card and craft making activities , making framed prints or books ….but PhotoFiddle does one thing and does it really well. It turns your photo into a one of a kind art masterpiece that’s printed on canvas and shipped to you (in your choice of framed or unframed versions).

The choices are delicious. Once you upload your photo you can select an effect to apply and make it look as if the photo had been handrawn with colored pencils, watercolors, charcoal sketched and more. You can even create your own comic book or collage with your photos. One of the most popular is an Andy Warhol four by four tinted look.

It’s a tad expensive (we spent $75 on a unframed, but stretched 8×12 canvas) but boy are you going to wow someone when you hand them these digital creations. (