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Adults are At War About Violent Video Games

Are videogames a menace to society or a necessary skill for the 21st century child? Two distinct camps of experts are emerging.

Published: November, 2006

Mark Prensky, author of Don’t Bother Me Mom- I’m Learning believes that computer and video games prepare kids for 21st century success. He challenges parents everywhere to stop listening to sensationalized press accounts of about video games being harmful to kids and get on the program of recognizing the skill set that kids can acquire through gaming.

Other passionate flag wavers, like Senator Joe Lieberman, David Walsh, and Jack Thompson very vocally encourage regulations to limit the sales of violent videogames.

Both sides have merits to their arguments, but only research will let us accurately gauge what the true effects of video gaming are. In all likelihood, we’ll find the moderate approach, the best approach. Not all video games (just like not all movies or TV shows) are worth playing. To read more see YahooTech.