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Family Circle Raising Teens

Published: September, 2004

Remember when the kids were young? No one could wait to give you advice. Dozens of magazines showed up in your mailbox; teachers would let you pop in with freshly baked cupcakes, and friends and family were all too happy to give advice on everything from colic to cowlick. Even the kids would babble on and on about their days.

So, where are all these people when you really need them? Why do parents of kids ages 8 — 18 feel so neglected and in the dark when it comes to getting a fix on the teenage years? Between college admissions, raging hormones, driver education, and assorted digital shenanigans, parents of teens and soon-to-be teens find themselves facing some of the toughest, never mind the most expensive, issues they’ll ever have to face.

This special insert on Raising Teens was created for those who’ve graduated Parenting 101 but really need the advanced course. It appears in select copies of October’s Family Circle magazine.

Research shows that the parents who stay involved and communicate with their kids are the ones who tend to sail through the turbulent teen years more smoothly.

And so, we’ve tried to give you some conversation starters. From the most mundane questions like “where do we go on vacation” to the more sublime “how can we foster healthy body images”, this issue is meant to share the joys, the not so joyous and most important, the practical information and resources you’ll need to make your best decisions about how to raise your family.

It’s only fitting that Family Circle, the authority on all things family, recognized the information void for parents of older kids. To kick things off with the proper celebration we’ve got a special sweepstakes you can enter to win a college scholarship. And don’t forget to complete our survey and tell us what you think. We hope it’s the start of a long and fruitful dialog.

Most of all, remember this …. Just like they all stopped wetting the bed, they all grow up and go off on their own. It happens in a flash. Though you might see less and less of them at this age, don’t let that fool you. They’ve never needed you more!